The Clique - Lisa Harrison

I read these books quite a while ago. I think I was 12. And when I was 12, I loved them. I was into the chick-lit genre at the time and this series is the definition of chick-lit. It's pretty much a story about the oh-so-glamorous lives of pretty, popular, rich private school brats. And somehow, Lisa Harrison makes them sort of interesting. Not saying this series is good... but you have to give her some credit. It's like watching Jersey Shore. Pointless, stupid, but strangely entertaining.

The characters are so shallow. I have never read a series with more shallow girls ever in my life. They are like those stereotypical popular cheerleaders in the movies. There isn't a single girl on earth that talks like they do (EH MI GAWD) or acts like they do (*point*) or is as shallow and conceited as they are. What sort of girl has a boyfriend and a job when they are 12? I'm not sure where Lisa Harrison grew up, but where I live, that's not normal.

The plot is non-existent. As in, it's not there. There are girls. They fight over boys. The end. I don't know what kind of message Lisa was trying to portray but it didn't get through to me.

What bothers me the most is that these girls have everything. They are rich, they are pretty, the are popular, they have a bunch of friends, everyone likes them (or at least pretends to), they get fairly good grades, they are automatically on the sports teams, etc, etc. I don't think anyone can relate to them at all. Most girls are pretty, but they don't look like supermodels. Most girls are well-off, not as rich as Bill Gates. Most girls have friends, but they have a couple enemies too. Most girls have to work for good grades and achievements, they aren't automatically top of the list. There are no girls like the ones Lisa Harrison has created! It is so unrealistic!

I understand this is a chick-lit, and it's supposed to be fluffy and empty, but LH could have done better than this crap. At least it was entertaining. That's all that can be said for it. 2/5

If you are looking for a real-life version of Massie and Alicia check this out:

LOOL just saying :P Seems like the kinda thing those girls would do.


  1. Why did you give the book a 2/5 if you hated it so much? Not a 0/5? XD

    Also, I don't know where they work, but I had a job at 12. It's not too uncommon I think. :/

    I'm pretty sure the song is a parody...if you can even call it a song since they're really not singing, they kind of just talk. XD

  2. I don't like giving a book 0 or 1/5 unless I absolutely hated it. Like I would rather scrape my bum with a cheese grater than read it. Although I was pretty harsh on the series, the Clique really wasn't that bad. It's plotless and the characters are irritating but at least it's entertaining.

    Seriously??? :O I've been to 6 schools in my life and I have never once met anyone that has had a job before age 15.

    And nope. It's a legit song. I thought it was a parody too, but I did some research and it's actually two girls called Double Take (Rebecca Black wannabe's) who wrote and performed "Hot Problems". LOL yeup but I guess they think it's good...