Nicholas Sparks' Message in a Bottle

Nicholas Sparks' Message in a Bottle

"Classic tale of love"

- Christian Science Monitor

I have read several of Nicholas Sparks' novels. Including Dear John, The Notebook and A Walk to Remember. All of which were touching and memorable. Message in a Bottle is also no exception. 

However, I found this novel different from the others. The main characters he created in this story have a different background than the others. They are in their 30's and both experience their second chance at love. Whereas  the other novels depict young adults experiencing newfound love (although the last half of The Notebook does illustrate the characters in their old ages). Thus, this book was something different for me. 

As the title suggests, the main characters were led to each other by a message in a bottle. Which seems like a miracle. This novel deals with the ghosts of past memories, the choices of the present and the uncertainty of the future. It makes you question about fate and letting go of the past. And as usual, I did tear up at parts of the story, just as I did in Sparks' other novels. 

The ending was also extremely emotionally moving. It wraps up the story just perfectly. Though I liked the novel, I did not enjoy reading it just as much as I did in the others. However, it is still a pleasant, heart-warming love story nonetheless. 

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