Airhead, Meg Cabot

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This is without a doubt the only Meg Cabot series I’ve ever tolerated.
The reason being, Meg Cabot really likes to write about that ‘ditzy, blond cheerleader-esque’ type. You know, the one with the perfect hair and body that’s able to win over everyone, despite the fact she’s displaced the majority of her brain cells. Multiple guys are in love with her, and oh no, she just cannot choose between them. Of course they’re handsome as well, since she’s so beautiful, they have to be! In the end, she chooses the one that she barely knows, while the one that seems to genuinely care for her gets the back seat.
If you haven’t figured it out, I do not like that ‘ditzy, blond cheerleader-esque’ type. Therefore, I do not like most of Meg Cabot’s books.
However, the protagonist in ‘Airhead’ is a nerdy gem. She’s a tomboy – this means she doesn’t shriek if she breaks a nail, she likes gaming and is generally all around awesome. Oh, and did I mention she’s not super pretty? Well, sadly that doesn’t last long. After an accident in the mall, her brain gets transplanted into the body of a model and she becomes a babe. 

-Thank you Potter, you have eloquently displayed my emotions -

Really Meg Cabot? REALLY!? I wish that Meg would realize that a lot of us may be pretty, but most of the female population doesn’t look like we’ve been 
photo shopped. FINALLY, she’s written something where the protagonist isn’t gorgeous and ditzy, but kind of average, and then she has to go mess with it by putting her in a super-models body. Apparently, average people don’t fall in love, what a quality message to send to the public.
But I digress, at least the tomboy-ish personality comes through this time. I liked Em quite a bit throughout the series, she was awkward, real and intelligent. She struggled fitting in with a super-models daily routine, but she slowly starts to adapt. As for the love interests, they may have been typical Meg Cabot style (good-looking), but their personalities were less…mental. From what I can recall, Gabriel was a bit of a stalker, but Christopher (childhood friend) actually liked Em, NOT the model, the TOMBOY. Sheesh, finally. Even if he went slightly nuts trying to find her, I could overlook it since he wasn’t drooling all over who he thought was Nikki. Also, I loved Lulu – she may have been a complete ditz, but a completely lovable one.
The plot is not deep. In certain points, I think it tries to be (conspiracy theory that you’ll learn about later), but it fails. The writing wasn’t anything special, but it was good enough. The worst of it all is that this is the closest Meg Cabot has come to writing authentic characters, and they still all look like God sent them down to torture the normal folk. Pssh, even He can't handle it.

- They're sexy and they know it -

Final Verdict: 6.5 – 7.0/10 (re-read the first book after seeing Ashini's multiple posts on Meg XD)


  1. This is so true! The first and (probably) last rational, realistic Meg Cabot protagonist. I saw your review on - randombookgirl - ?? I recognized your display pic ;) Soo did your rating increase after re-reading?? Mine did. I always like books a lot better when they are fresh in my mind. My rating is bound to decrease at least 3 stars if I've had a couple of months to think about it.

    1. Yeah, my username there is RandomBookGirl. :D
      Actually, I think my rating decreased. XD
      I read the books a couple of years ago, so I decided to re-read them recently (after seeing your review, I was like, "Hey, I own the first book, why don't I go read it again!"). Anyways, I liked the books when I was younger, but maybe my tastes have changed a bit? I still enjoyed the book, but certainly not as much as I did. :)
      Oh, and yeah, I try to write reviews right after I read them. Since I can remember everything, it's a lot more...fair in a way. :)

  2. If you like the whole brain-transplant concept, and/or dystopian, and would rather have an action-packed, romance-free read than this, read Remote Control by Jack Heath. Better yet, read his entire Six of Hearts series (The Lab is book 1, Remote Control is book 2)!

    1. Thanks! :D

      Honestly, I don't mind romance - but it must be well done. I'm getting tired of girl protagonists with their petty, little love triangles and stalker boyfriends. I find that a lot more of the books without romance focus more on plot development and character growth, which makes the read much more enjoyable overall. It's refreshing that there are people on here that are recommending these types of books.

      *a couple minutes later* I just looked up the Six of Hearts series on goodreads. The whole 'cards' concept seems interesting. *puts on hold* I'll read it when it comes in. Thanks again! :)

    2. Well, I was just trying to put the Six of Hearts series in contrast with these about the whole romance thing.
      There isn't really any romance in the Six of Hearts series because frankly, while girls are interested in Six, he doesn't seem capable of returning any sort of that kind of interest. Frankly, the guy is lacking a bit in the emotions department...

    3. No emotion guy = 50X better than overly emotional girl.

      I don't mind books without romance either, since romance doesn't really make the book for me. The idea behind the Six of Hearts series looks interesting, so I think I'll enjoy the book better than any of the paranormal-romance stuff. :)

      (When I read Evermore (paranormal-romance), I wanted someone to just load the gun and pull the one did and therefore, I finished the book. Oh lordy, Never again.)

    4. The ONE (and only) paranormal romance I will ever recommend is Immanuel's Veins by Ted Dekker. Think Twilight meets Dracula, meets the strange mysticism of Dekker's Books of History Chronicles, all taking place during the time of Katherine the Great.

      The only other paranormal book I would recommend is Nightmare by Robin Parrish, which is more a paranormal thriller (and it's more about ghosts than vamps, etc.). It was so scary I was afraid it would give me Nightmares XD.