Please Ignore Vera Dietz by A.S. King

Review: OK, so at first I thought this was going to be boring.  The first three chapters were kind of blah and I thought it was going to go downhill from there *makes hand gesture similar to going downhill on a ski slope* but it really wasn't, well at least the second time I read it. See I first read it in eight grade, I think I was thirteen, I was confused and didn't really understand so I read it again. This summer, it was easier to understand, and just generally better. Wait, what I'm I saying it wasn't "generally better," it was generally amazement. What I'm about to say right now is the absolute truth. This book would be nothing without the main character. It was like she rose from the dead, bringing this book to life. While I was reading the book I felt like I was the main character. I found myself doing the exact same things Vera did, saying exactly what she was saying, literally thinking her thoughts. The author in some weird, twisted, cool way made you the reader, be the character.  The plot was also incredibly creative, and weird, you really have to read it to understand.  As I came to the end I really felt like crying not only because the book was a little on the depressing side, but because the book was finished. I understood it completely so I knew there would be no excuse for reading it again. This book was just amazing, read it, read it twice if you have to. Basically just read it until you love it like I did. 

Here's a little book trailer, in case your interested.


  1. I love book trailers! Great addition! :)

  2. Thank you!! And i know i was soo happy I found one lol

    1. No problem! Sometimes they are really hard to find, while other times, there aren't any.

  3. I read this book awhile back too. I remember it as a depressing book full of 'what-if's. No fluff or happiness, just sadness and heartbreak. ):
    Great review BTW. :D

  4. Summerstar: Yea I know right!!
    Ashley: yea i agree and thanks!!