Twisted - Sara Shepard

By the time this book came out, I was pretty sick of pretty little liars. Yeah, okay, the plot was shocking and exciting in the first couple books, but now it seems to be almost repeating itself. This book was just so unnecessary; a ploy by the author to make more money. There was a perfect ending in “Wanted”. The series was done, all the loose ends were tied up, the end. But nope, Sara Shepard had to go ahead and write one more. The writing and plot made a steep decline in this book, the perfect conclusion was ruined and I was just so over this series. Why was this book even published? Big mistake, Shepard. As Dr. Seuss would say, “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.”


  1. What a disappointment! I was looking forward to Twisted.
    Great quote ending, very meaningful. :)

  2. I wasn't! I was shocked that she decided to publish another novel since she had originally planned to end off the series in Wanted. It was just as I expected it to be- boring, stupid and a big series ruiner. :( Thanks! I thought it seemed fitting.