Little Miss Red by Robin Palmer

Review: Hey, first of all sorry I haven't been blogging lately, I was pretty busy. Although I managed to get a hold on an interesting twist on a fantasy. Its about a girl, named Sophie Greene, who's a good student, does the right thing, and has the perfect boyfriend, that everyone loves, everyone except for her. Sophie dreams of being daring, but she always finds herself never taking any chances. Until on a plane to her Grandma's she meets a wolfishly, good looking guy. The two hit it off, and Sophie starts living on the edge, although she doesn't know if the drama is all it's cracked up to be. I'm honestly not the one to read books based on fairy tales, but the thing is this book was loosely based on Little Red Riding Hood, yes she goes to meet her Grandma, and on her way there she meets a guy with a wolfish smile, but that's where the comparison ends, which was actually the only reason I read the book, and semi enjoyed it. Instead of the lesson being don't talk to strangers when your by yourself, the message is to stay true to yourself. It's OK if you want to try new things, but you should never loose sight of yourself, I really liked the message. The book was pretty funny at parts, but I'm not going to say I loved it, it was more of a quick read I read in my spear time. I really did enjoy reading Palmer's "Geek Charming," which was later on made into a movie. I just don't think this book really hit the spot, you know, it didn't really have the amazing effect that other books have on me. Anyways maybe you should read it, yu never know if you might like it.


  1. I only got twenty pages into this book before I gave up. The main character was just so...urgh. I'M GOING TO BE LIKE DEVON SINCE SHE'S SO BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING AND ON THE EDGE AND OMG, LIKE TOTALLY. This was how I remember my reading experience.
    Sorry. Ranting. XD

  2. haha its alright i really didnt like it much either and i basically like every book i read lol