The Fire - James Patterson

The Fire was an okay book. I was pretty on the edge about this whole series right from the start. Witch and Wizard left next to no impression on me whatsoever. I can't even remember enough to make a statement about it. The Gift (book 2) was okay, but definetely nothing special. In my opinion, it wasn't quite up to Patterson's standards. I really enjoyed Maximum Ride- it was one of my favorite book series for quite a while and was hoping for something similar in this series, but I was disappointed. The Fire was the worst of the triology, being both short and boring. Quite a spectacular feat, if I might say so myself. It's no often that an author can write so bad that their 352 page book has the time to be boring. The writing was crap, the characters were stupid and unrelateable and the plot was unbelievable. Nope, this book was not a great one for me. Would highly discourage reading it, or the series. If you want something good by James Pat, try Maximum Ride. Trust me- it's worth it!

And what is up with the cover? That is the ugliest cover I've ever seen... 

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