Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - J.K. Rowling

I have been putting off writing this review for SOO long because I wanted to write something deserving of the phenomenal book. I finally got around to it! :)

I began this book with very high expectations, and (as per usual with the Harry Potter series) I was completely blown away. J.K. Rowling has once again come up with a masterpiece that is above and beyond my expectations and can be contested by no other. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is the seventh and last installment of the legendary Harry Potter series and by far the most emotional, exciting, action-packed, intense, hilarious, and heartbreaking novel of them all. It is my personal favorite book of all time. I remember with absolute clarity the day this book came out. July 21, 2007. I had it pre-ordered (of course) and I was on my doorstep from 6 am, waiting for my parcel to arrive. I remember watching the postman walk up my front path, my package in hand. I remember eagerly ripping off the wrapping paper, my hands shaking, and looking at the cover for the first time. And I remember reading my book for the first time. I remember the feelings of excitement, pity, sharp intakes of breath, tears, sorrow and disbelief. All these raw emotions packed into the 759-page book. This is the book that changed my life.

Enough with all the reminiscing- let my explain to you just why I loved this book so much, and why you will love it too.

Harry has matured and developed SO much throughout this series, and in Deathly Hallows this really comes through. He is not afraid of death, he does not run from death, he instead embraces it and chooses time and time again to sacrifice himself for the good of his friends. He fights with everything he has to save the wizarding world from Voldemort. And he emerges from the ashes with his head held high, strong and proud. I don't even know where to begin with Harry. What a perfect protagonist he is.
He is selfless and courageous, and although he makes mistakes, he always works through them and prospers. Another character who really impressed me was Ron. Yes, he runs away. Yes, he is a brat. But he comes back. The way this is written and presented to us is so perfect, so emotional and unsure, that I couldn't help but feel Hermione and Harry's pain; live their nightmare along with them. Hermione will always be Hermione. There is no other character like her, and she carries her know-it-all attitude along with her in Deathly Hallows. And it is her smarts which save the three-some on many occasions.

The plot! This book is full to the brim. J.K. Rowling ties up all the loose ends very well in Deathly Hallows; she clears up any confusion she had in place, and provides us with an amazing ending for the series. The twists in this book were so shocking and unexpected that I never knew what to think or believe. I lost count of the number of times I completely lost it in this book; just sat down and bawled my eyes out. Because the way Rowlings' ideas are presented to us, either abruptly or slowly brought in, are so emotional and perfect that they completely draw me in. I lose myself in the book. One of the things that shocked me the most was my pity and love for Snape. A character I had hated with all my heart for six novels now drew my deepest sympathies and emotions. I didn't love him, but I felt sorry for him and wanted him to stay. He deserved more than what he got.

The writing is flawless. I have come to expect great things from J.K. Rowling, and I am never disappointed. The book is almost 800 pages long, but never once did I lose interest. Not once did I put it down thinking "I'll come back to this later." I couldn't bear to tear my eyes away from the page, leave this exciting, emotional, sad, sad world. Rowlings' writing style is so pure and emotional that you love her characters, you feel her pain. It is absolutely phenomenal.

If you haven't read this book, your life is not complete. This is an absolute must-read book. It's my favorite book of all time, and I am sure that it will be for any other person who even begins reading. Have fun and arm yourself with lots of tissues- you're going to need them!


  1. I have said it once and I will say it again:
    You have not lived until you've read Harry Potter.

    1. Meh
      seen the movies
      nothing too life-changing
      not going to bother with this series
      is it ever explained in the book WHY Harry can come back to life?
      that part really confused me

      I may not have read the series
      but I have lived
      IMO you have not lived until you've read at least one book by either Steven James or Robert Liparulo (except for Liparulo's Comes a Horseman, which wasn't very good)

    2. JEOIFHAEOIHNALE. "Meh" does nooooot apply to the Harry Potter series! You seriously haven't read them? Are you joking? No way. No way. Do not judge the books by the movie!! You have to read them. The movies are okay, but the books are seriously AMAZING!! Soooo much better! And Harry came back to life because Voldemort didn't kill him. He only killed the horcrux that was stuck in Harry's body. When Voldemort killed the horcrux, harry was left with his own body and nothing else. As to your second last sentence, I beg to differ. If you haven't read them, you have not lived. And I haven't read any books by Steven James or Robert Liparulo, but nonetheless, I have had a pretty awesome life xD

    3. James and Liparulo = the definition of "adrenalin rush"

      No I haven't read any of the series
      My parents didn't let me as a kid
      and when I was old enough that they didn't care I wasn't interested anymore
      seemed campy
      and just generally uninteresting

    4. I was the opposite. My parents forced them on me when I was 6, even though I was clearly not interested. But despite my protests, after maybe 20 pages, I could not stop reading. I guess if you start them now at whatever age you are, you will probably be too old for the first 3 books, but the writing matures along with the characters and the last few books are at my reading level. They aren't for everyone though. Maybe you just won't like them. Yes, they are very campy. But they ARE interesting. The movies give off the wrong impression.

    5. Same story) My mom made me read it when I was six, but I didn't like it and even cried that I didn't want to read it. However, it's my favourite book now (and the first book I've ever read)

  2. Oh my gosh. I'm just going back and reading your comment and staring at the computer screen in disbelief. You are one of the best reviewers on this blog, and you haven't read Harry Potter. Insane.

    1. I'm one of the best reviewers? Why thank you!
      I was beginning to doubt that my reviews were any good
      I try to give fair opinions of the books
      and make them sound interesting
      but no one ever comments
      so idk if I'm getting through

    2. Haha your most welcome. :) Your reviews are amazing; I read every single one. They are very well written and seem well thought out. The only reason I don't comment is because I haven't read any of the books you write reviews on! Therefore, I can't write a comment beyond "omg this book seems interesting", which is completely pointless. Since I don't have anything meaningful to contribute to your post, I just don't say anything.

    3. I think Ashini's right with the whole...different taste thing? I think since the majority of readers here are girls (just assuming from the types of books a lot of ppl review here), maybe they don't have anything to say (since they can't connect)? I do read them though...if that helps. And you're definitely one of the better reviewers on the blog. :"D I know when I commented last time it was just a huge rant about abortion, so I felt kind of bad. XD

      Though, you did inspire me to read "The Lab", and I was actually planning on starting it right after I'm done with the 'What Alice Forgot' review. :)

  3. I always hear people talking about Harry Potter, but I've actually never read the series as well. :/ I liked your review though.

    1. Same here! I never seem able to get ahold of the first novel.
      Great review!

    2. You guys! I thought ever teen on the face of the earth had read Harry Potter! I can't believe this. :O If you can't find a copy, I'll lend you mine. It's kind of torn up because it's the same copy I've had since I was six. I've read it so many times the cover is almost falling off. :/

    3. Hahah okk! Well, now I can't wait! :)

    4. It's not my kind of book. XD Though it sounds more than exciting. :D

  4. Me reading this stream of comments: >:O
    I'm with Ashini on this one... Can't believe you guys have never read the books!
    And never associate the movie with the books. I couldn't even bring myself to finish the first movie; it just wasn't good enough for Rowling's awesome story....I know I'm gushing....but they're THAT GOOD.

    1. LOL people that have had read Harry Potter books tend to come back with positive comments...maybe I should give it a try?

    2. YES! The movies are alright, but nothing compared to the books! @tine reader you have to. no question.