Emmanuel's Gift - movie

    This heartwarming movie is about a young man named Emmanuel Ofosu Yeboah. Born in Ghana, a small country in South Africa, Emmanuel faces the challenges of being disabled. In Ghana, being disabled meant a life of begging, but Emmanuel was taught by his single mother to work. With one leg, he shined shoes to earn only one dollar a day. His childhood memories are of getting bullied by other children. Emmanuel loves playing sports, but other children won't let him due to his disability.

     Emmanuel sets out to bike across Ghana on one leg to raise awarness. He wants to people know that being disabled doesn't mean you can't be able to do things like a normal person.

     I enjoyed this decumentary very much. It was amazing to see a disabled person to recieve awards from Nike and Robin William. This movie taught me how easy my life is, even with 1 hour of piano a day.

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