The Best of the Best (of thriller authors that is)

So it appears I differ in taste from most of the reviewers here simply because of a difference in gender (I am male, they are female). Before I go on, one question I simply must ask:
Actually "Y U NO READ?" might be a better question, but anyways...

Now that that's out of the way, I also must say that even though your reviews are great, I am not about to touch any chick lit or romance novel (paranormal or otherwise) of any kind with a 10 foot pole. Sorry Ladies! They're just not my thing. What IS my thing though is the suspense genre. I absolutely love a thriller so intense it leaves me with "book hangover" afterwards. Some authors' thrillers are so awesome that I must say that you HAVE NOT LIVED until you have read at least one of their books (the library should get them if they don't have them already coughcough). Said authors would be the authors in my top 3. There are other really good suspense authors out there too, hence, this is a top 5 list instead of just a top 3. Before I get to that though, I thought I should list the criteria that in my mind defines a great thriller (in order of importance).
Intensity - I should be completely emotionally engaged, be high on adrenalin throughout the book (especially during the climax) and "book hungover" when I finish.
Pacing - It should be very fast paced - slow thrillers either bore me or drive me nuts
Originality - It should be more than your standard serial killer fare. It should have a unique and creative premise that works well in practice as well as in concept
The Basics (characters, plot) - the characters should be well and properly developed, the plot should without holes or logic errors, stuff like that
Sex - as Clive Cussler once said "sex kills suspense". Nuff said
Language - a good thriller shouldn't need to use foul language to be "realistic".

And now for my top five thriller authors

1. TIE between Steven James and Robert Liparulo
3. Robin Parrish
4. Michael Crichton
5. Alex Scarrow

Happy Reading!


  1. lol you know there are chick-lit suspense novels, right? And you're not the only guy, Karl and Ian are definitely male :D
    Sad to say, I've only heard of Scarrow (on your top five thriller authors). Am I ignorant or are those not widespreadly popular authors?

    1. Crichton is/was (he died in 2008 :( ) quite widespread/popular, the others are a little more obscure

      Steven James:

      Robert Liparulo: (Note: Liparulo's Comes a Horseman was not very good, but the rest of his books are awesome (I even have a signed copy of the 13th Tribe (which I'm dying to read, but library books come first, sigh...))

      Robin Parrish: (Note: if your going to read any book by this guy, read Vigilante - it his best - SO AWESOME

  2. When I saw the first pic, I face palmed and chuckled quite a deal. XD It's difficult to find good 'girl' books nowadays anyways. I still try, but...-sighs-

    I completely agree with your list of criteria. I think that it would work for both thriller and possibly horror books as well. Both are really driven on emotional engagement.

    Anyways, I know Micheal Crichton from Jurassic Park (Oh childhood, -swoons- how I miss thee), and I know that you posted a couple of reviews of his books as well. The name Alex Scarrow sounds REALLY familiar, I can't quite pin-point why. Also, I've been trying to put 'Nightmare' by Robbin Parrish on hold, but I'm still waiting for it to appear. XD

    Sad to say, my thriller knowledge is severely limited. Unless you count Nancy Drew. I loved those books/games to death.

    1. Maybe Scarrow sounds familiar because I've reviewed alot of his books? XD

    2. To be honest, that's probably why. XD

  3. Music is life is a guy :D I'm not much of a thriller person- I haven't even heard of (much less read) any of the authors on your list. After you commented about Steven James and Robert Liparulo on my HP review, I researched them and their books, but I'm not interested enough to abandon my long list of to-read books to give them a shot. So, for now, they are on hold until I finish Gone series (which I STILL haven't got a chance to finish) and a couple other must-reads. Speaking of Gone series, when is Light coming out?