How to Ditch Your Fairy by Justine Larbalestier

Ok guys this is an extremely important question. What type of fairy do you think you have? Have you never missed a goal when your playing soccer? If so then maybe you have a "Never miss a goal" fairy. Are you always on time, if you are then maybe you have a "Always on time" fairy. Although there are some bad fairies, like the one Charlie has, a parking fairy. The parking fairy guarantees you a perfect parking place no matter where you go, where you are or what you do you will get the perfect spot. It doesn't sound bad right? Except Charlie's only 14 she can't drive, and she hates cars, mainly because she has to ride in everyone else car, so they can get a good parking spot. Charlie hates it so she decides to team up with her enemy, and get rid of her fairy. The book is pretty weird, its based in some sort of alternate place where a majority of people have fairies. Although a character is introduced, named Stefan, his from a place that kind of resembles our world. Which I think is cool, because when they clash, it kind of gives you the idea, that somewhere in an alternate universe there's a place like where Charlie lives. The main character is somewhat likable, but at times you really just want to jump in the book and tell her not to do all sorts of stuff. If you really want to know what goes on in this book you have to read it, its a fun, short, and sweet novel that will definitely have you laughing.


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  2. I read this too! Great review!
    Who is your favourite character?

  3. Thanks and i guess fiorenze haha lol it was good your review was awesome too!