A Thousand Splendid Suns



This was my second time reading this book. And I felt it was even better than the first time! I've always loved the storyline, the history and the different perspective. It's a splendid novel. Both times it managed to make me cry at moments of despair; and smile with tears welling in my eyes at heartwarming points. Set in Afghanistan, it takes you on a journey through 40 years. Two vastly different women's lives are intertwined by a series of coincidences and lies. They struggle to find happiness and contentment in a complex, hazardous background. 

It is an amazing story and everyone has to read it! It depicts life's many ups and downs, dark moments and disappointing times. I wasn't able to put down the book at all. Every page describes the characters' emotions so deeply, events so intensely that I truly felt as if I was observing the scenes right in front of me. I've also read The Kite Runner, and for those who have read it before, this is less graphic but no less easier to read as Hosseini is once again able to evoke compelling emotions in us. Bottom line is everyone has to give this novel a try!

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