Switched by Amanda Hocking

I can't explain how much I absolutely enjoyed reading this book. I know I've said this before, but THIS IS THE BEST BOOK I HAVE EVER READ; I change my mind with the other books! :P This was an interesting plot and was unpredictable at some parts, I completely fell in love with the characters and I am SUPER awed and impressed by the intricate details Amanda Hocking added to just spice up the book. (I'm making this whole thing sound like an amazing dish I just devoured. :/) Even the first chapter had already captured my attention and I knew this book was worth the read. Here's the catch:

Wendy Everly's life was being threatened in her mothers hand on her sixth birthday. Kim Everly never considered Wendy as her daughter, due to the fact that she knew Wendy was NOT her real child the day she was brought home. On Wendy's sixth birthday, Kim had grabbed a knife and attempted to stab Wendy, thank god Matt, her brother, was there to save her. Of course she had gotten hurt though, a slash through her stomach that consisted of sixty stitches to mend back. Ever since then, Kin was considered crazy and was taken to a mental hospital...(or something like that, I forget where they took her.) Matt is an amazingly protective and understanding brother that stood by Wendy's side throughout her good and bad times. (PERFECT BROTHER) It was at the beginning of the story when Amanda had announced Wendy's unique power...she could somehow magically persuade people to do as they were told if she talked to them through her mind intensely and tried hard, it ALWAYS worked. Though Wendy had just thought it was strange and was probably a gift, she never knew it was a power she had that would soon grow even more strong and convincing as time proceeds.

Wendy has never actually been in LOVE before, but there is this new boy in school called Finn that seems to always have his eyes on her...staring intensely at whatever she is doing...kind of creepy huh? So Wendy decided to confront him one day, kind of awkward, but she still did it. Time passed, they even danced together once, and then the truth was revealed to Wendy. Finn told her how this isn't her world and she's beginning to pick up her power faster than anyone else and she needed to be brought back home, her REAL home. She didn't believe him, but there were signs she had noticed. She is actually a Trylle, in other words, a troll. This sounded rather silly to her, but it made sense, she had hair that was hard to control unlike other people, she never liked wearing shoes, she had very picky taste in her food, and so on. Finn visited her at nights and told her how she needed to go with him, back to a place where she has a mother, a real mother. Later, Wendy realizes she is starting to admire Finn...he is bold and attractive with stunning, mesmerizing eyes. That sounded like a perfect world she is going to be in, she has a mother that would love her and she got to be with Finn...but she wouldn't just leave Matt and her aunt, Maggie, alone, they would be worried sick, and she didn't know how to tell them...was she really a monster like her mother had said? They worked their lives for her, raised her and provided her food and shelter...can she just break it to Matt that she was not his real sister and god SWITCHED for their real brother that they were supposed to have?

Enough said, I am afraid I will bring spoilers to this... :/

I admired Finn, his relationship with Wendy was just so...adorable and heartwarming. Willa was an unique character I found very interesting to read about and Rhys was just so innocent and fun to be around. Matt is just so brotherly and welcoming that the bond he shares with Wendy is definitely touching and unbreakable. This novel is filled with appealing, tantalizing, and fascinating characters that lead you into a whole new world of the Trylles.

Believe me, this is no ordinary book and after you finish, you will be dying to read the next installment Amanda Hocking has for us. I love how Amanda Hocking writes the book and decides the story line, she is such a talented author that adds a bit of everything to the plot. Magic, action, suspense, romance, oh my gosh, the romance. <3  The attitude of the book was so perfect and the vocabulary used was just so vivid and strong. I swear, I stayed up soooo late reading this because I just CAN'T stop and you will most definitely be just like me. Without a doubt, I would rate this book a 10000/10!!!!!

 This was a good book to start of in the series as you get settled and introduced to everything. I would totally recommend this book to ANYONE, it's such a magical world that I would totally love to be in if I were in Wendy's place. You can totally feel yourself slip into her shoes and experience everything she is experiencing. Tough world, tough luck. If you are emotional like me, you would most likely shed a few tears throughout the book. Yes, it is that sentimental and passionate at parts. :'(  I loved the affectionate and romantic parts, they were so idealistic...<3

Here's NOT the official trailer... I think it is fan made, but I don't know, it has like the parts in the book and it was fairly well done, here you go: I WISH THE REAL MOVIE IS GOING TO BE IN THEATERS. <3


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