IT by Stephen King

In the spring of 1985, It has returned. Every twenty-seven years since the dawn of time, It--an unearthly creature who lives in the unmapped labyrinth of sewers beneath Derry--comes back to murder and mutilate small children and adults. Only seven people have faced It and lived to tell the tale: horror novelist Bill Denbrough, architect Ben Hanscom, Derry librarian Mike Hanlon, radio disc jockey Richie Tozier, limousine driver Eddie Kasbrak, fashion designer Beverly Rogan, and accountant Stan Uris. Twenty-seven years ago they formed the Losers Club, bonded by their physical and social differences and by their terrifying encounters with the many different forms It can take.

I read this book around this time last year. I still remember everything though! It's one of those stories that stays engraved into your mind which is really scary. Great plot line, great story, great characters, great EVERYTHING. I fell in love with this book and did get to purchase it for my personal library. At first though it's kind of difficult to follow the story because it changes from the past to the present but it gets easier when you get more into the story because you know what to look for to find out what year you're reading about. Another thing that I didn't mind but some may, was the fact that it takes about a good 400 pages into the book before some action starts. Nonetheless, I still have nightmares about this book, so I think that's good.. right? I can't even sleep sometimes because I imagine orange poofy hair and eyes watching me from behind me desk or something - really creepy. And everyday since I still can't handle brushing because I'm worried that blood will spurt out at me.. (if you read the book, you'll understand). 

This book definitely deserves a 10/10. Not a book to read during halloween since it won't have any effect. It works as a great any-time-of-the-year read. 


  1. I'll admit that I've only actually watched the movie for IT, but it was certainly creepy enough that I didn't sleep properly for a good two days.(Clowns...*shiver*) Of his books I've read, my favorite is Duma Key. :D

  2. wow. I'm to much of a wimp to read his books. You should try Agatha Christie.

  3. I want to watch the movie but I think having a visual would make my nightmares worse! And I have read Christie's books but I just LOVEE King more.

    1. It will make the nightmares worse. *shivers*
      I read "And Then There Were None", which everyone seemed to love. I thought that it was good...but not brilliant. I'm the minority there, I think it's because I like horror more, since I really didn't feel anything when I read the book. On the other hand, Stephen King REALLY knows how to creep the reader out. Maybe you're the same in that aspect? XD