Gimme A Call by Sarah Mylnowski

Guys, I know I've said this before, and if you read my book blog, you'll know I say it a lot. This book was true, pure, amazement. I can't even explain the amazement of this book. OK, what would you do if you could talk to your past self. I would tell myself not to get my hair stuck in my locker in the seventh grade or to actually go to orientation before freshman year. But I can't do that its pretty impossible to actually talk to your past self. Well obviously not for Devi. Sarah Mylnowski already wowed me with her "Magic in Manhattan" series, now this. I love how she makes her books have like some sort of magic. It's weird I do not classify her books as paranormal I don't even classify this book as paranormal. In reality if you dropped a phone in a fountain it would break, you wouldn't get to talk to your past self. Although Mylnowski made it feel that way, and yes I tried it, thankfully my phone lived. That's what I mean she just makes everything more real, no matter how abnormal, weird, or strange it may be it feels normal. I don't know how explain my love for this book, it was hilarious, seriously hilarious. I tried hard not to read it so I could savor it, but it was so hard. I'd find myself laughing out loud randomly( by the way if you choose to read this book do not and I mean DO NOT read it in a public place). Another thing I loved about this book was how there were two main characters, or one, or two, see the characters were the same people just in different times, or dimensions. I related a lot more to the 14 your old Devi, not just because I'm closer to her age, but she was generally more likable , funny, and witty. You might hate some parts while your reading this, but trust me you'll like the ending. I'm not kidding when I say this is the best book I've read at least this year. Just rely on my word, trust me, you will love this book.

By The Way which cover do you like better I read the one with the cover on the right, but I like the cover on the left more. :)


  1. I like the cover on the left too, but the one on the right is still pretty nice.
    Great review! :)

  2. Yea there both cool and thanks !