''The Great Gatsby'' by F.Scott Fitzgerald

“So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.” 


I've heard a lot about ''The Great Gatsby'' (well, who hasn't?), but I've always considered it just another boring classic. And you know what? I was totally mistaken.

So, I have this rule that I can't watch a movie without reading the book that it's based on and I always follow this rule. And when ''The Great Gatsby'' movie came out, I wanted to watch it very much. That's why I had to read the book. And now this book is my second favourite classic (the first one is ''Gone with the Wind'').

The story is told by 30-years old Nick Carraway, a Yale graduate, World War I veteran, who moved to New York from Midwest in after-war years to become a bond salesman, however, deep inside, he dreams of being a writer. The story starts with Nick telling that 2 years ago, he bought a small and desolate house in New York's suburbs, in a village called West Egg. The main hero of a story is Nick's neighbour, Jay Gatsby,  a mysterious and eccentric loner, who is an owner of a luxurious mansion with a marble pool, huge library and gigantic park.
It is set in a beautiful time. The after-war years, the age of jazz, the American Golden age or simply early 1920-s. Business, money, parties. Gatsby is a man who became a self-made billionaire, rose to glory, but fell because of his passion and  unfortunate accident. 
I'm not sure I fully understand this book yet, and I'm sure that when I re-read, my opinion on it will change, but right now I don't like any of the characters. Nick for just being the witness and not trying to stop the tragedy, Gatsby for being so obsessed with winning back Daisy and Daisy for being selfish.
What I like about this book is that it's really short, around 180 pages. It makes it much more fun to read. And it may be the key to success of the book.
Maybe it's because I didn't expect much of a book, it exceeded my expectations and turned out to be very good. The Great Gatsby is a book that I want to read and re-read again and again and I know this one thing for sure: ''The Great Gatsby'' is truly Great.

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