Leaving Paradise

When Caleb Becker gets convicted after drunk driving from a party and hit and running over Maggie Armstrong, he gets sent to juvenile detention for a year. Meanwhile, Maggie has to have painful months of physical therapy, but afterwards, she still has a limp. Her social life and her scholarship have both been destroyed.

Meanwhile, after a year in Juvie, Caleb is finally released, but he still needs to put up with the endless nagging of his transitional officer, and the eyes of the entire town. Coming home should have felt differently, but now, his family, ex-girlfriend, Kendra, and his friends all seem like strangers.

Together, Caleb and Maggie find strength and comfort from each other, relying on other to make each other stronger. Then the truth of the accident emerges, and then everything changes. After a prompting from his transitional officer, and changes of events in his life, Caleb decides to run away for good… (Continued in Return to Paradise)
Return to Paradise
Nothing lasts forever

Caleb Becker left Paradise Ohio 8 months ago, taking with him a promise that he promised he would take to his grave. If the truth got out, it would ruin everything.

Maggie Armstrong tried to be strong when Caleb left suddenly. He broke her heart and managed to convince herself that she had moved on. She was determined to start over and live a new life.

But Maggie and Caleb meet again at a rehabilitation program especially designed for drunk driving; there they share their experiences to young adolescents and Juvie prisoners. They try to deny the passion still between them but buried feelings resurface and Caleb finds himself to reveal the secret of the night of the accident or not their relationship will always be separated by the secret.

…not even good-bye   

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